Product Recommendations

I often get asked what products I use for all of my content creation and other daily go-to's. So here's a list of products I personally use and recommend.

Music Production:

I use these for when recording vocals, guitars, and listening to mixes. I really like them because they're super comfortable (the cups are made out of this plushy material) and they have very little bleed (not much sound leaks from them into the recording)
Beyerdynamic DT 770 80OHM

This is the mic I use to record all of my vocals and clients in the studio as well. I really like the software suite that comes with that allows me to use different mic models to find the perfect fit for the project.
Slate VMS

Pop Filter
Stedman PS101

Guitar Amp
I use this for live shows concerts. It's very reliable with a great transparent tone. I use multiple guitars and pedals in front of it and this definitely takes it well.
Boss Katana 50

Podcast Mic Stand
I use this mic stand to comfortably set my mic in front of me so I can sit down and record my podcast.
Gator Desktop Mic Stand

Audio Interface
This is the one I've had for almost 5 years now. I've been using it to record vocals, bass, guitars, and even drums. It has a lot of great features, like a clean preamp and sleek design; and the software is reliable.
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

Digital Audio Workstation
Cubase Pro 10

Ableton Live 10 Suite

Room Sound Treatment

This foam pack is budget friendly, just one or two sets can treat a whole room. Super lightweight and made a big difference with hearing and working on my music.
Acoustic Foam
Monitor Pads

Guitar Tuner
It's small, lightweight and easy to use. The great thing about it is that you don't have to plug it in for it to work. Just clamp it on to the headstock and tune your guitar. Perfect for studio and live shows.
Snark Tuner

Go-To Guitar Mod
I install these on every guitar I own. Very simple and easy to use. The universal design of it allows me to switch straps and guitars very easily.
Dunlop Straplok

iMac 21.5 inch 4k Retina
- RAM upgrade
- SSD Upgrade


My Guitar Pedal board:

Boss NS-2 (Noise Suppressor)
Often with high gain or distortion sound, I can get a really a loud hiss coming through my amp. This nifty device is able to keep it quiet when I'm playing and even when I'm not playing.

JHS Bonsai (Tube Screamer)
I tried a number of Tube Screamers before this one and didn't really like the sound or imbalances they produced. The Bonsai has a bunch of classic circuits and some new ones from JHS built in. Having more options i always great and I love the boost this gives to my sound.

JHS Whitey Tighty (Compressor)
This FET compressor is so good, totally a game changer for my sound. Gives my tone a ton presence and allows me to cut through a mix. Very transparent and great pedal.

Pro Co RAT 2 (Distortion)
A classic distortion pedal and for a reason. I tried this one against a few other well known ones and this one surprised me, it can achieve a wide variety of high gain sounds.

Blue Hippo (Chorus)
The absolute best chorus pedal I've ever played or tried, hands down. Love the sound and it's overall build quality.

Whammy DT (Octaver/Harmonizer)
This Whammy pedal allows for so much modulation, covers everything from harmonies, octave drops and more! I personally love being able to drop tune my guitar with this without having to change it with my strings.

Strymon Timeline (Delay/Looper/Echo)
It's the most robust and versatile delay I've ever used. If you can't tell from my previous recommendations, I tend to prefer pedals with options, and this one has endless possibilities.

Cry Baby Wah
I tried a couple of other Wahs but this one was the one I liked the most. It's simple and the voicing is really nice.

Joyo Vintage Phase (Phaser)
From my knowledge this one is a clone of the MXR Phase 90. I couldn't tell the difference myself. This one is super simple, one knob controls the intensity that's it.

Pedaltrain Classic Pro (Pedal board)
I had built my own prior to using this one, but I love this so much more. The material is super lightweight but very sturdy. The kit came with a case, Velcro, and zip ties which was pretty much everything I needed to get everything set for my board.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power
With all of these pedals getting power to them all can be a bit tricky but this unit is able to handle it all. I tried other daisy chains and different power solutions, but this one has never failed me even during outdoor summer shows in Texas.


Streaming/PC Stuff:

Selfie ring light

Elagto Capture card

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Mouse pad

Razer Cynosa Chroma Keyboard

Razer DeathAdder Mouse

Nord VPN (Massive discount with my code or link)


Home Workout gear:

Pull-Up Bar
This is a great removable pull-up bar for home workouts. It is easily installed and folds nicely for storage when not in use. There is also a place to latch on a pull-up assist band so it is suitable for people from beginner to advanced.
Pull up bar

Resistance Bands
These bands have made my home workouts feel more like going to the gym. The handles and over-the-door attachment make this set versatile enough for a full body workout, and they easily attach and detach with karabiners.
Pull Up Assist Bands

Boxing Pads
These are great to have if you are able to shadowbox with a friend.
Boxing Pads

These yoga bolsters are great for mimicking a bench at the gym, or deepening your stretches after a workout. I like to use these for chest day specifically, because it allows me to get a fuller extension and flexion than if i were lifting on the floor or another piece of furniture.
Yoga Bolster

Home Weight Set
This set is great because it can be arranged as 2 dumb bells, one barbell, or one kettle bell! The plates are in KG instead of LB, so that can be a bit confusing for Americans. And even though the max weight is less than I would like, using this set has made me much less upset about not being able to go to the gym.
Weight set

Yoga Mat
This yoga mat is great because it is extra thick and provides extra padding on hard floors. Most yoga mats are only half of this thickness or less, and they just don't have enough cushion.
Yoga Mat