I've been an independent artist for several years now and have taught myself a variety set of skills to get things done for my own career and now I'm offering them to you!

Here are some services I'm currently providing:


  • Vocal recording
    -For music, spoken word, podcasts, voice acting, post production dubbing, etc. Using the Slate VMS microphone and Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo interface achieves a great quality captured for any use.
  • Music recording & Production
    - Guitars (Gibson 1961 SG, Custom Strat, and Fender Precision Bass), a multitude of effects pedals, and top of the line amplifier simulation to capture the perfect tone for your music.
    - iMac upgraded to maximum performance specs running Cubase Pro and Ableton Live to help you arrange and record your music with a vast library of samples and software synths.
    - Midi keyboard
    - Acoustically treated room for accurate representation of your music played through a KRK system with subwoofers and Beyerdynamic headphones.
    - Put together demos, beats, voice reels, full on song productions, and much more

Consultations & Support

Interested in putting together your own home studio or production space for your music, podcast, or gaming stream set up? I can help!

  • Product recommendations (save yourself the countless hours of research and pouring through tech details and I'll get you a shopping cart put together that works for your needs and budget)
  • Installations (I can get you wire management and workflow ready to go for your set up as well as any other technical problems one may come across)
  • Upgrades to your computer and guitars, I've taken apart and put together several computers and guitars and can do just about any upgrade you need
  • Set up software and hardware components for your space saving you tons of time trying to make everything work.
  • I can also give you consultations to help put together packages for your next release (marketing, press kits, merch, etc)
  • Website Design

Photography and Video

As a working model and actor I've had to make my own comp cards and head shot resumes to land gigs.

  • I can create your modeling compcard from your existing portfolio with industry standard format to help get you noticed and land jobs.
  • Format your headshot and acting resume in the way casting agents/directors look for.


I'm also providing lessons for how to do what I'm able to do today. We can do them all remotely from the comfort of your own home.

  • Music production lessons
  • Recording Lessons
  • Tech lessons

If you're interested in any of my services please contact me here: